This past week, the stars seemed to align just right. Every single essay or blog post I read on minimalism talked about pursuing your “passion”.

What I found myself thinking while reading all these things is that “passion” doesn’t always equal “job.” When people talk about pursuing their passion, we often assume they’re a small business owner or run their own artisan company from their garage. But that’s not the only way people pursue passions. Sometimes a passion is something small, sometimes it’s not something real at all (I’m keeping that sentence because it sounds Dr. Seuss-esque).

Basically what I mean by that is that a passion can be something you pursue over the course of a normal day. I once knew an old man whose passion was making people smile. He worked as a restaurant greeter, and got to know so many customers by name that some would come in just to see him.

As a personal example, one of my passions is coffee. My best friend and I have been exploring more and more of the coffee world over the past two years, and we both enjoy being called “coffee snobs.” While I’ve worked with coffee in a few jobs over the years (and barista sounds like the perfect way to spend my retirement), it’s usually something I drink by myself or share with my close friends or fellow enthusiasts.

Because of this, some people might not call that a “passion.” Even so, it’s one of my biggest ones. I may not do it for a living, or pursue it every minute of every day, but it brings me joy whenever I make it, taste it, or talk about it.

That is a passion. It doesn’t have to be complicated or impress others. It just has to bring you joy and add value to your life. And who knows? Passions change, I may lose my “coffee snob” title any day now. But until then, I’m going to keep pursuing and enjoying coffee. Not for anyone else’s sake, just for my own.

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