Musings on “Everything That Remains”

"Our identities are shaped by the costumes we wear. I am seated in a cramped conference room, surrounded by ghosts in shirtsleeves and pleated trousers." Those are the opening lines to "Everything That Remains," a memoir-esque work written by Joshua Fields Millburn (with "interruptions" by Ryan Nicodemus). Within the first couple of pages you can … Continue reading Musings on “Everything That Remains”


This past week, the stars seemed to align just right. Every single essay or blog post I read on minimalism talked about pursuing your "passion". What I found myself thinking while reading all these things is that "passion" doesn't always equal "job." When people talk about pursuing their passion, we often assume they're a small … Continue reading Passion

Overused Words and How To Reclaim Them

Have you ever read the book The Giver? Whether you have or not, you've probably heard someone, somewhere use the phrase "precision of language." According to an analysis of the book by Shmoop, "the entire purpose of 'precision of language' should be to avoid conflict and problems, misunderstanding, and even potential violence." Personally, I prefer … Continue reading Overused Words and How To Reclaim Them